Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project Flowx in the Australian Landscape

To us, this work is like a gift we are receiving from our atmosphere. We are taking this all over our planet, using it as a sensor array for sampling moments in the sky. We're using this installation to capture these moments directly through experiences, and documenting them around the world. It's based in flight, and uses photography to show what has been, and painting to convey dreams about the sky that may or may not ever exist.

This moment was in Daylesford, Australia. The landscape here was made for kites. This is a hill called Snake Hill, which was originally settled and is still owned by Ruth's family. The sky and the wind this day was amazing. It was quite the welcome for us back to Australia. Just down the hill from this location is the old house. It's a beautiful place where in spite of the modern systems, one still feels that it's wise to be thankful for things like running water.

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