Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tangle study | by Erin Curry

I'm not sure if this piece has a name yet. I do know that it's a study for a much larger piece that will be made in a similar way. Erin Curry is a good friend of ours, and she is an amazing artist. I don't have the urge to purchase art very often, but when she showed me this series, I knew that one or two of these seductive objects had to live with me forever. Perhaps it's her consciousness and granular insight into materials and detail that I identify with and that draws me in to her work.

She is a primarily a fiber artist and a sculptor. To look on her time line, you would see that she is just starting her career. However, she shows maturity and vision in her work that would suggest a lifetime as an artist. If you pay attention as you get to know her, you'll understand at a deeper level what it can mean to work with fiber. She collects, understands, cares for, listens to, and gives back her life to the materials she works with, and it shows. She and her husband Tommy live near Ruth and myself here in Gainesville, FL. They are always commenting on the limits of their space, which is even smaller than ours. However, I think working under a quality constraint such as limited space is a great way to achieve intimacy and beauty in your work.

This piece is 12" x 6" x 3". Hand-spun wool, graphite powder, polycarbonate sheet, cotton binding. I adore it.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

People seem to like boxes - Painted photon number 8 in a box

This painted mini photon is one of only 8 like it. This one is number 8 and it is leaving the nest. We thought it needed a suitable way to travel and a place to stay when it gets where it's going. It was purchased as a birthday gift from a sister to a brother.

This is a stainless steel winder that I made. It clips into the case and is easily removable. Kiters will see that it is a simple classic design that holds the 10 pound spectra neatly in a figure 8. I got a lot of positive response from the box I made for a necklace which I gave as a gift to Ruth's mother. This is my second presentation box that I've made so far. This one is made from black foam-core and self-adhesive dacron.