Thursday, April 02, 2009

People seem to like boxes - Painted photon number 8 in a box

This painted mini photon is one of only 8 like it. This one is number 8 and it is leaving the nest. We thought it needed a suitable way to travel and a place to stay when it gets where it's going. It was purchased as a birthday gift from a sister to a brother.

This is a stainless steel winder that I made. It clips into the case and is easily removable. Kiters will see that it is a simple classic design that holds the 10 pound spectra neatly in a figure 8. I got a lot of positive response from the box I made for a necklace which I gave as a gift to Ruth's mother. This is my second presentation box that I've made so far. This one is made from black foam-core and self-adhesive dacron.


jordan air kites said...

dude, so wonderfully over the top!

Unknown said...

Very nice.
Yes people like boxes, like childrens like their treasure chest.

Scott said...

It's now my treasure chest, and I do like it very much (but mostly for the treasure inside)!

Seriously though... great design, great execution, great presentation!

Liz said...

All aspects of this project are mesmerizing.

Person fav, kite winder.