Friday, March 06, 2009

Foil design jig

I decided long ago that while computers are perfect for many jobs, they were not suited to accomplish the entire task of designing the foils that I wanted to fly and make for ourselves. While I do indeed use computers for much of the process, the core of the shape is done very like lofting a boat. These kites really are far too much work to be for sale, but this is how I sculpted them with a life-size model. This jig is used to to find the non-intuitive shapes of each cell. These were taken in 2001—hard to believe it's been so long.


Anonymous said...

Very nice work. I am impressed, and I have always believed that someone who repairs a foil so well can also design one well.

deborah said...

is cheerios a drug or a cereal

deborah said...

did president obama deserve the noble peace prize